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Monday, January 16, 2012

A bit behind, but catching up nonetheless :o)

So I realize that it's been awhile, but we have been busy bee's getting ready for our tiny's arrival, which might I add, IS LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AWAY!

Baby boy has been growing like crazy it feels like. We won't find out until the 31st how big the doctor estimates he really is.

So far I have had 1 shower, this past weekend, and it was awesome. This little boy is already so blessed and loved by everyone around him. We got so many great things! I have 2 more showers coming up, one at the end of January and one in the middle of February, I cannot wait! I get so excited like a little kid on Christmas. :o)

Pics from the shower this weekend:
The yummy cake! 

Natalie and I 

The "Grant" tree 

The adorable diaper cake made by my sisser 

Blue punch! Super easy recipe if you want it ;o) 

Allyson and I 

Me and the daddy-to-be 

BFF Alicia and I 

Holding Kara's sweet baby girl, Cali

This next weekend we are going to Austin to have maternity pictures taken by this amazingly talented girl. I can't wait to see her! It has literally been since graduation in 2008.

I will leave you with some current pics of how the nursery is coming along and maybe a pic of the growing bump. :o)

This was taken at 30 weeks.

31 weeks

Here's a few sneak peaks of the room:
So far... 

Prints given to me by Kaylee

Sweet guestbook frame made by my friend Kaylee for my shower.

Weekly update coming soon. I cannot believe I'm over 32 weeks already! Where is the time going?!?!

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  1. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! So happy you have a blog!! and OMG i LOVE his nursery!! If I had a boy I would want it to look exactly like that! :) So excited to read more :)