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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

33 Week Bumpdate!

I'm growing day by day. Literally. My kiddos at school make it a point to make sure they tell me that I look bigger than I did the day before. Thanks ;o)

Today I'm 33 weeks 2 days, technically, but who is counting??

How far along? 33 Weeks!  
(January 22 to January 28)
Size of baby: Baby is the size of a Pineapple!
Estimated 19 to 22 in., 4.9 lbs.

Here is what we have been up to this week:

Weight Gain: 45 pounds still as far as I'm concerned since I haven't been back to the doctor.

Maternity Clothes : Of course, also hubs' t-shirts :o)

Sleep: Same, still struggling. I wake up on average 3-4 times every night. It's a chore getting out of bed and getting back into bed. Since I am limited to sleeping on my side I have to switch sides often because my legs and hips go numb. I have to say that the number one thing I miss is sleeping on my stomach.

Best Moment of this week: maternity pictures and spending the weekend in Austin with your daddy. Probably the last weekend we will get to spend as just the 2 of us. We have something going on every weekend until you get here. We had dinner at The Oasis.

I love, love, love Lake Travis. I have so many wonderful childhood memories from there. Going to The Oasis is definitely one of them.

Movement: All the time. It feels like you are sleeping less in comparison to last week. You move now even when I'm moving around. Up until now, as long as I was up and walking around you were still. Now you respond to me when I poke around. Your movements are so pronounced that my entire belly shakes, it's like you can see limbs poking out. Soooo cute! And feels so weird! Haha

Food cravings:  Same. Nothing in particular. Just when I want it, I need it NOW.

What I miss: I can breathe now! He's dropped a little. The only thing I miss now is just being able to sleep. If we could get that under control then all will be well!

Symptoms: More stretch marks :o( A few Braxton Hicks every now and then, mainly at night, nothing too painful though.

Gender: Still all boy!

What I'm looking forward to: My 2nd baby shower this weekend in Brenham and being one week closer. :o)

 Baby bump: 

Taken Sunday at exactly 33 weeks. I was exhausted from a day of traveling home from Austin.



Your baby is still gaining weight (about half a pound a week), and she could grow up to another full inch this week. With that much baby inside your uterus, your amniotic-fluid level has maxed out, which explains why some of her pokes and kicks feel pretty sharp these days. (There's less fluid to cushion the blows.) Antibodies are being passed from you to your little one as she continues to develop her own fetal immune system, which will come in handy once she's outside the womb and fending off all sorts of germs.


With midnight bathroom runs, leg cramps, heartburn, and your basketball-sized belly, it's no wonder sleep is elusive. 3rd trimester insomnia strikes about three-quarters of pregnant women (who may also be coping with a mind that races all night long thinking about your to-do-before-the-baby-comes list). But your body needs rest, so do your best to get comfy — before bed and when you get in it. Grab a pile of pillows, wedge them where you need to, and look on the bright side: Pregnancy insomnia is great training for those sleepless nights to come!


  1. you look great! Can't wait to see your mat. pics!

  2. I was thinking the other day...Rockport will never be the same now! :( Can't wait to see the pics!!!