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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grant: Week 1

I know I am wayyyy behind on these but I want to start from the beginning. :o) 

Meet Grant Joseph Badora

Week 1:
February 29-March 6

We were released on Saturday from the hospital and he weighed 9.7 lbs., but we had appointments Monday and Tuesday to check his bilirubin levels from the jaundice and he was back up to 9.10 lbs. He was 21 inches still and his head circumference was 36 cm.

He has been able to lift his head almost from day one, he has continued to do this.

Every 1.5 to 2 hours, how long he feeds depends on how tired he is. It can be anywhere from 15-30 on each side. I've noticed he cluster feeds more in the evenings.

Definitely not one of our strong points. Thank goodness my mom is here. She came down the night before I was induced and will be here til Saturday! She has been a big help since little G has only been sleeping short stretches of 2ish hours. She normally takes the 5-6 am shift when Mark gets up to go to work. Hopefully this will improve!

Overall, he's pretty easy-going as long as he is fed and changed. He HATES diaper changes though. I'm always trying to decide if I want to piss him off before or after I nurse him if a diaper change is questionable. I think we (me, Mark, and my mom) have all been pee'd on so far. He has done pretty well when we have had family and friends over.

From the beginning he has, for the most part, been in 0-3 month clothes. The only newborn outfits he can fit in are those from  Target, they run bigger for some reason. There are quite a few outfits he will never wear. :o( One of my fave outfits is the one he came home from the hospital in, I had it made with his monogram on it. He's also been in size 1 diapers from the beginning. Since he has lost a few ounces since birth I'm able to put him in newborn diapers for a few days.

Favorite Moments:
Coming home from the hospital Saturday and late night snuggles.

Most Challenging:
Lack of sleep, and nighttime. Our first night home, Saturday night, was the worst. I think he was having tummy issues and it was heartbreaking to see him in so much pain and not really be able to do anything about it. :o(

Looking Forward To:
His umbilical cord stump falling off and longer stretches of sleep. Oh, and I know this is a ways off, but I cannot wait for him to start smiling!

First time to leave the house since being home from the hospital was Monday, it was just to the doctor, but it counts. :o)

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