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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grant: Week 2

Week 2:

March 7-March 13 

We had another check-up on Friday to check his jaundice levels and he was 9.10 lbs. Almost back to his birth weight!


Still lifting his head like a pro, not too much control, but he's strong. He recognizes my voice when I enter the room and if he's crying he calms down when he hears me. 

Every 2 hours, how long he feeds still depends on how tired he is. It can be anywhere from 15-30 on each side. I've noticed he cluster feeds more in the evenings. Thank goodness for pumping, I'm able to get a little bit of sleep when Mark takes a night time feeding.

Definitely not one of our strong points. My mom left Saturday and I definitely cried when she left. Marks' work hours are so crazy that since Monday it's just been me and G. The lack of sleep is def beginning to wear.

Still easy-going as long as he is changed and fed. Still hates diaper changes though and I dread them, it doesn't take much to calm him down though.

Still in 0-3 month clothes and able to fit in the newborn outfits from Target and size 1 diapers.

Favorite Moments:
Snuggling his sweet baby-smelling self. 

Most Challenging:
Still sleep, but we'll get there slowly but surely. He still has upset tummy issues every once in awhile, but very rarely. I know it's just his new digestive system adapting.

Looking Forward To:
Longer stretches of sleep and feeling comfortable enough to get out on our own.

His first bath was Saturday before Kaylee and Jared came over to take newborn pictures! His umbilical cord fell off Thursday and his circumcision cover fell off Friday night.

Week 3 coming *hopefully* tomorrow! Along with week 4 which has the possibility of being on time. I'm also still working on the birth story.


  1. oh yay!! somehow I missed the first update but I am caught up now! you are a champ for doing these ... i did't get started until week 4 but I really wish I would have gotten the first 3 done. You are doing an awesome job with him girl. I know the long nights are HARD... if you ever need to vent or someone to talk to let me know! I know everyone says this but it will get better :) I think for us everything started getting much better around week 4! yay! almost there hehe :) ps cant wait to read all about him! love pic number 2! pps rg had jaundice too... are his numbers better? we had to use a blanket at home and get her pricked like 4 days in a row.

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