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Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh. My. Goodness.
Warning: Pic overload... It's been awhile!

I have been so absent from this little blog. I feel like a lot has changed, but then again, not too much has really changed. We have just been really busy.

Time is officially flying and the little man we so eagerly and patiently not so patiently waited for will already be 9 months next week. Where has the time gone??? I have been cherishing every moment with him. That's a good reason to be gone right? He is doing so much now and I am completely exhausted at the end of every day. We both look so forward to daddio returning home from work at night. We have his 9 month appointment next week and I'll post his stats then. We are both rejoicing that this is a "no shot" appointment! I am so sad that its the last one before his 1 year though... Cannot. Believe. It. :(

Currently, at 8 months and 2.5 weeks he is crawling all of the place, not just your regular crawl though. It's a half crawl, half crab walk. He uses one leg to push off and the other for balance, he's so quick too! Whatever works. :o) He also has 5 teeth--2 bottom, 2 top and his left "i" tooth. The only ones that were painful, or that affected him were his bottom 2, which happened to cut through when daddy went out of town for business for 10 days. So happy. The other 3 really didn't give him any troubles.

He has also just begun to stand on his own. It was literally an overnight achievement. He has to already be standing against something and let go. No standing from sitting just yet. :)

He sleeps like his mama. :) He goes down around 9 and wakes up anywhere from 12-14 hours later. He stays awake long enough to eat breakfast and drink a bottle then demands to go back down about an hour and a half later. His afternoon naps is usually 3-4 hours long. He's normally pretty accommodating if we have somewhere to be in the afternoon for a little boy, but the boy loves his sleep. Thank goodness! It took awhile to get there, but once we did, we were both content.

I'm knocking on wood as we speak, but he has been off of his reflux meds since this past Friday. At 6 months he was officially diagnosed with extreme acid reflux and put on one medicine, which didn't work, then 2 weeks later switched to a more expensive medicine that "kinda" worked. So glad to be past that. It was pretty stressful on this momma. At 5.5 months I noticed a difference in him and the way he was nursing. He was irritable/fussy, my supply was steadily dropping and he was losing the chubbiness he was born with. He was a 10 pounder at birth! I had mentioned it to my pedi at his 4 month appt, but was assured it was just something babies did. At 6 months, she finally agreed with me that this was not normal and he was put on meds. I can officially say now though that he has gained the weight back and is his normal *very* happy little self.

He eats like a champ. He was picky at first, but I slowly started retrying all of the foods he hated in the beginning and now he doesn't turn anything down. He will eat his meal then demands to have whatever we are eating as well. If you don't want to share you cannot eat in front of him haha.

This little boy brings so much joy to us it's ridiculous. I never could have ever imagined the amount of joy we have received from this little person in a million years.

We hope your holidays are starting out wonderful and cannot believe it's already Thanksgiving week. I started early with the Christmas decorations because I wasn't sure how much he was going to let me get done and we are busy the 2 weekends after Thanksgiving. Plus, with all that work you should be able to enjoy it as long as possible. :)

In case you're wondering what I do during his nap time, check this out. (Shameless plug!)

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  1. So sorry to leave this as a comment, but I tried to reply and your email address isn't linked to your blog......

    Ummmmm, reading your comment made my night [probably my week]!! That is so neat to hear - I had no idea that anyone had really and truly used some of these things because of Jackson's nursery. So awesome!!

    Send pics if you have a chance (and do.not.worry!!!!! Jackson's room is neverrrr as clean and "perfect" as if was before he was born). These little guys can make a mess in a hurry!

    Ps- my middle name is Renee too!

    SO VERY GLAD you commented!! Thank you! :)). And your little man is seriously adorable! Amazing how fast the first year is flying by, right? Jackson will be 2 in late June.....cannot believe it!